Our Advantage
For over 20 years Unified Valve Group Ltd has worked closely with our customers in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Refining, Agriculture, Forestry, HVAC, Waste Water and other industries in Western Canada, relying on us for New Products, Valve Installation, Field Service, Valve Repair, Pumps, Gauges, Instrumentation and Engineered Flow Solutions. We are a Trusted Advisor and Supplier, positioned to attract clients Canada Wide to our attractive variety of offerings that compliment us as a Full Service Partner.

Skilled maintenance is essential for keeping your plant running safely and reliably with a careful eye to Cost Management. We can help you with a complete line of Valve Products, Procurement, Repair, Installation, Maintenance and other services. Unified Valve can offer Western Canada’s most experienced team of Valve Service professionals. We have technical expertise plus solid industry experience and rapid response to ensure that your project is a success – Each and Every time!!

Our Vision

Product Flow Control counts, and time counts when it comes to service and safety. Solutions like ValveTek® online allow you instant access to your Safety Relief Valve & ANSI/API Service Records. Our Large Local Inventories allows you to avoid long costly waiting and down time for repairs. Expert Service Technicians and On-Site Repair Units are available 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, every day of the year to ensure you have instant access to the service you need, where you need it.

Our 9 locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia have been strategically placed to provide Repair and Service, this promotes Plant Safety, improves Reliability which Optimizing the Bottom Line. In an industry where acceptable tolerances are low, we are a Trusted Supplier that will provide an Established, Recognized, Quality and Reliable Product in the time frame you need it.

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